Solar Panels Convert Energy into Electricity

When sunlight hits your solar panels, it converts the sun’s energy into what’s called Direct Current (DC) electricity, which then gets sent to an inverter. The power inverter converts the energy into Alternate Current (AC) electricity. This is the electricity you can use in your home/ building.

Utility Provider Replaces Your Meter

Your current meter will be replaced with a bi-directional one. The new meter will actually spin backwards into the grid when your solar panels produce excess energy (during peak hours of sunlight). When this happens you will build up a bank of credits with the utility, so that the energy comes back to you for free when you need it. Prime examples of when you will need it include night-time, and cloudy or rainy days.

Electric Grid

You are still connected to the utility grid at all times in case your electric needs exceed your solar panel production. You do not need to do anything to tap into the grid - this will automatically happen for you when it is necessary.
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